Queen Yasmina Al-Attieh
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Yasmina Al-Attieh
Age 40
Sex female
Status Queen of Ancient Levant
Height 175 cm
Culture Lebanese
Date(s) 15th Century
Site Nabatieh, Lebanon
Current Location
Location Beirut, Lebanon
Catalog #


Queen Yasmina Al-Attieh (named after her grandmother who rule generations before) was the first queen to rule all of Levant without a king by her side. However, her reign was short lived after Roman invaders attacked her castle and ripped apart the royal family.


Queen Yasmina was discovered in the 19th century buried off the coast of Lebanon along with couple other members of the royal family. The mummy had very small eyes and a pointy yet wide nose. Although, through the examination of the body and cranium, Yasmina was not well preserved probably due to the fact of the Roman invasion and poor burial.


In 1850, Archaeologist Michael Hachem discovered the body along the west coast of Lebanon, near the Mediterranean Sea. Along with Hachem, a group of university students from the Beirut College of Arts and Science studied the bodies and complete multiple Ph.D Dissertations on mummies in comparison to ancient Egyptian mummies.


During the period in which Queen Yasmina rule, there were many diseases that have spread across Europe and have made their way into the middle east. Syphilis was one of the deadliest of all venereal diseases and it has spread rapidly throughout Europe in the 15th century. However, during the close study of Michael Hachem, it was concluded that neither of the royal family has been infected by this disease. All bodies looked to have been healthy and very well nourished during their time.

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