Queen Twosret
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Twosret or Tawseret
Sex Female
Status elite
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1190 BC
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog # Unknown

Wife of Seti II, step-mother of Siptah. The throne was passed to her minor stepson, Siptah. The queen held rule as regent in his behalf and after the death of 20-year old king she overtook it also formally. She started even counting length of her reign including years of regency. The reason for decline of her rule was conflict with Sethnakht. It is believed that Queen Twosret ruled Egypt with the aid of a high ranking courtier known as Chancellor Bay, also called Ramesse Khamenteru. Chancellor Bay was deemed to be a traitor and possibly attempted to usurp the throne, and he was subsequently put to death leaving the queen in a vulnerable position.


Her mummy has never been positively identified although it is speculated that Unknown Woman D is her.


Twosret's reign ended in a civil war which is documented in the Elephantine stela of her successor Setnakhte who became the founder of the Twentieth dynasty. It is not known if she was overthrown by Setnakhte or whether she died peacefully in her own reign; if the latter is the case, then a struggle may have ensued among various factions at court for the throne in which Setnakhte emerged victorious. However, Setnakhte and his son Ramesses III described the late 19th dynasty as a time of chaos.

Twosret officially assumed the throne for herself, as the "Daughter of Re, Lady of Ta-merit, Twosret of Mut"


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