Qing Dynasty Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Qing Dynasty Mummy
Age 300
Sex male
Status high
Culture Chinese Qing Dynasty
Date(s) 1644 to 1912
Site on a construction site in Henan province
Current Location
Location Xiangcheng in Henan province, central China.
Catalog #

In October 2013 a mummy thought to be from the Qing Dynasty was unearthed from a two meter deep hole in at Xiangcheng in Henan province, central China. The clothes on the body indicate he was an official from the early Qing Dynasty.


The Chinese practice was to entomb in massive coffins and stable tomb chambers because the integrity of the physical structure of the body was important to them. In this case, the body may have had a lacquered coffin, covered in charcoal - which was common at the time. This means bacteria would have been unable to get in. However, as soon as the air hit the body, the natural process would be for it to turn black and quickly disintegrate.


The pathology was unknown


There were 3 coffins in the tomb, with the well persevered mummy lying in the middle one, under his head was a pile of white cotton. Two skeletons were discovered in the other two tombs.

The mummy’s features could be seen clearly. He wore a robe of Qing Dynasty and a long braided ponytail, known as the queue imposed on the Han Chinese during the Qing Dynasty.


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