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Ptolemaic Woman
Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Ptolemaic Mummy
Age Between 18-24
Sex Female
Status Elite
Height Average
Culture Lived during the Ptolemaic Period
Date(s) Acquired toward ends of 19th century
Site Near Hawara el-Makta in Fayum (Lower Egypt)
Current Location
Location Redpath Museum
Catalog #

Elaborate Hairstyle

Ptolemaic female believed to have lived into her late adolescent years. Her elaborate hairstyle gives the indication of elite status. Hairstyle must have been fixed prior to the mummification in order to preserve her as looking her best for her next life.


The Ptolemaic female was a "late adolescent girl or young woman of average height and elite status, Her age at death is estimated at between 18 and 24 years."

Her mummy was found "in a tomb pit in the solid rock near Hawara el-Makta in Fayum (Lower Egypt) and acquired in Egypt towards the end of the 19th century and donated to the Redpath Museum in 1895.

The mummy was put through a high tech process involving various scientific methods as well as CT scanning to reconstruct the face of the individual. Allows for models of bone structure to be created and for the public to get a more realistic view of what this person looked like. Involving 3-D imaging, ultrasonic imaging along with anthropological research and artist sketching.

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