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Singer of Amun, Lady of the House
Nauny's coffin robbed of its golden face.
Nauny's coffin robbed of its golden face.
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nauny or Nany
Age 70
Sex F
Status high
Height 4'10"
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 1069 BC to 945 BC
Site Monastery of the Sea - West Bank of the Nile
Current Location
Location Luxor, Egypt
Catalog #

Nauny or Nany was a princess during the Twenty-first dynasty, probably a daughter of Pharaoh Pinedjem I. The name of her mother, Tentnabekhenu, is known only from Nauny's funerary papyrus. She was the mistress of the house and a Chantress of Amun. In the 21st dynasty when she died, Egypt was suffering economically due to its loss of territories which contained natural resources that they where dependent on. Nauny's tomb was looted and restored soon afterwards.


Nauny's mummy was prepared with attention focused on aesthetic appeal. Nauny's hair was dyed by the embalmers, padding was stuffed under her skin to create a lifelike appearance, particularly in her face. Nauny's face was also painted to restore a more colourful appearance to the corpse.

Pinedjem's daughter Henuttawy and his probable daughter-in-law Djedmutesankh were buried nearby and Henuttawy's mummy and coffins show similarities with those of Nauny.


Nauny's sycamore coffins were originally made for her mother. Among the objects in her tomb were 392 ushabtis in seven boxes, a scarab amulet, an Osiris statue and a copy of the Book of the Dead. Nauny was unwrapped by Winlock in 1929/1930 and examined by Dr. Douglas Derry and Winlock. Nauny's tomb was abandoned and looted. During the burial party for Nauny gold was ripped off of the coffin leaving it scattered in the hallway of the tomb.


Nauny was short (about 145 cm or 4ft 10) and fat, similar to two other children of Pinedjem. She was about 70 years old at death.


Theban Tomb TT358, where she was buried, belonged originally to an early 18th dynasty queen, Ahmose-Meritamen, the sister-wife of Amenhotep I. The tomb was restored in Pinedjem's 19th regnal year and was used for Nauny's burial later.

Nauny's burial equipment serves as the only reference we have to this lady. She is otherwise undocumented.

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