Princess Naishu
Hyderabad Mummy 1.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Princess Naishu
Age 24-28 years at time of death)
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Current Location
Location Telangana State Museum, Nampally, Hyderabad
Catalog # Unknown

Princess Naishu is dated to have lived in the Ptolemic period between 300 BC and 100 BC, possibly the daughter of Ptolemy VI Philometor. Naishu is one of the six Egyptian mummies in India and is the only one that is kept in South India. Found in 1920 and donated to the Telangana State Museum.


Scans showed that the mummy's ribs were damaged and there were dislocation on her spine and one of her ankles but her skull and rest of the bones were intact. According to the Director of the museum the mummy was placed under a CT scan which revealed the brain, usually taken out through the nasal passage, this mummy had some parts of the brain still intact. (Sanyal 2016)


Princess Naishu's mummy was purchased in Egypt by Nazeer Nawaz Jung, the son-in-law of Mir Mehboob Ali Khan for over a 1000 Sterling Pounds. Princess Nishushu has been placed in a case free of oxygen to avoid infestation of bacteria, insects and avoid humidity.

Prior to restoration

(Sanyal 2016)

After decades of neglect, they successfully restored and repaired the damaged parts of the mummy using conservation materials and also provided a special temperature-controlled case to prevent any more damage to the Mummy. After four years of restoration, she was moved to a new oxygen-free glass housing with a nitrogen generator and a pH monitor.


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