Predynastic Noble
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) unknown
Age 18-20
Sex m
Status high
Culture Egyptian
Site Kom al-Ahmar
Current Location
Catalog #
Archaeologists in southern Egypt unearthed a mummy that predates the unifications of Egypt, this old tomb was built before the rule of Narmer/Menes, the founder of the First Pharaonic Dynasty who unified Lower Egypt (northern) and Upper Egypt (southern) in Hierakonpolis (Nekhen), “City of the Falcon.”


The 5,600-year-old Egyptian mummy was discovered in the Kom al-Ahmar region, which is located between Luxor and Aswan, on the site of the Hierakonpolis. The tomb was built before the rule of King Narmer - the founder of the First Dynasty. Archaeologists found an ivory statue of a bearded man within the tomb, as well as, the mummy of the tomb's owner; the owner appeared to have died in his late teenage years. It has been suggested that the teenager may have been a member of the nobility or royal due to the care that was taken for his burial. The archaeological team that discovered this tomb postulated that during the pre-Dynastic period the city must have been of it the largest urban units along the Nile, a centre of power, and a capital of an early kingdom.


Not much is known about the mummification of the tomb's owner, however, it has been suggested that he must have been a member of nobility or royal due to the care that was taken at the burial. 


Narmer unified Upper and Lower Egypt in the 31st century BC, thus founding the First Dynasty. The First Dynasty of ancient Egypt covers the first series of pharaohs that ruled over a unified Egypt, and dates between 3100 BC and 2890 BC. It is one of the early dynasties of the "archaic period" which was based at Thinis. There is not much known information about the First Dynasty other than that which has been based upon a few monuments and objects bearing royal names.


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