Porsmose Man
Human Mummy
Porsmose 1 small
Biographical Information
Name(s) Porsmose Man
Age 35-40
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Danish
Date(s) 2600 BCE
Site Porsmose Peat Bog
Current Location
Location National Museum of Denmark
Catalog #

The Porsmose Man's corpse was discovered in 1946 near Næstved. He was found with an arrow that entered his skull through his nose. Another arrow was found through his chest, which likely killed him.


The Porsmose Man was completely mummified in the Porsmose peat bog with only his skeleton intact.



Aged 35-40-year-old the man has an arrow deeply embedded in the breastbone another entered his skull through his nose. Both arrows must have been fired at an angle from above and from close range.


It was determined that the arrows were fired at close proximity, possibly indicating either an ambush or an execution. The arrows are a type which belong to the Single Grave Culture period.

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