Pope Pius V
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) St. Pope Pius V
Age 68
Sex Male
Status pope
Culture Italian
Date(s) 17 January 1504 - 1 May 1572
Site Vatican
Current Location
Location Italy
Catalog #

Born Antony Ghislieri in 1504.Ghislieri was elected pope in January of 1566, taking the name of Pius V. He wore a hair shirt, slept very little, walked barefoot in processions. He revised the breviary and established the form of the Mass, which has lasted until the present time. Priests were required to live in their parishes. His condemnation of Queen Elizabeth I of England culminated in a pointless excommunication of her in 1570, as she was not a Catholic, alienating England and causing a wave of persecution against Catholics. He did not approve of the peace treaty in 1570 with the Huguenots in France that granted them liberty and all manner of freedom. His single-mindedness, devotion to the point of intolerance, and relentless persecution of heresy and heretics was a sign of his times. Pius V died in 1572 and is buried in Rome in the Basilica of St. Mary Major. He was sixty-eight years old. Pope Clement XI canonized him in 1712.

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