Polar Princess
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Polar Princess
Age App. 35
Sex Female
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture Unknown
Date(s) Unknown
Site Zeleny Yar Burial Site
Current Location
Location Salekhard, Russia
Catalog # Unknown

The Polar Princess is said to be around 35 years of age and was found in the permafrost soil in the Arctic Circle after being buried there in the 12th century. Archaeologists believe that the Polar Princess was a member of a medieval hunting and fishing civilization that roamed the Arctic regions. She was the only female found with nearly three dozen men in Salekhard necropolis. Although archaeologist do not understand why she was the only female there,some of the researchers believe the woman might have been socially important . Upon entry into the tomb, archaeologist only found small amounts of jewellery found with her.


After her death her body was wrapped up in copper and delicate furs in such a way that it cocooned her body. Only recently when scientists unraveled the copper and fur cocoon did they realize how well preserved she really was. Her facial features are still relatively intact, so much so that her hair, eyelashes and teeth are still preserved even after 900 years. Although her face is slightly tinged green as result of the copper, there is relatively little damage to her face. Archaeologists believe that the copper helped in the preservation of her face.


Due to the high level of preservation the mummy's internal organs are intact.
Pri 48580689

CT scans of the skull

Her head was very well preserved where her body was not. It is believed the proximity of a copper pot likely helped to preserve her head. It was so well preserved, in fact, that her eyelashes, hair and teeth were all still intact. The woman is believed to date to the 12th-century.


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