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Pinudjem II
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Pinedjem II
Age 21
Sex Male
Status High Priest
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) reign 990 BC - 969 BC
Site DB320
Current Location
Location Northern Egypt
Catalog # N/A

Pinedjem II was a High Priest of Amun at Thebes from 990 BC to 969 BC and was the de facto ruler of the south of the country. He was married to his sister Isetemkheb D; they were both children of Menkheperre, the High Priest of Amun at Thebes, by Isetemkheb. Also to his niece Nesikhons, the daughter of his brother Smendes II. He succeeded Smendes II, Unlike other rulers, Pinudjem never referred to himself as a king. Arguably the achievement during his rule, was that he arranged the reburials of the 20th Dynasty rulers from their own tombs to a tomb which he believed would be safest for them.

Pinudjem also participated in a scandalous affair which gained him some controversial attention during his rule. Pinudjem's first wife, Isetemkheb D, was possibly a noble woman who had at least three children with Pinudjem. Their son, Psusennes II, would later go on to become the last ruler of the 21st dynasty. Pinudjem then later re-married his niece, Neskhons, and divorced Isetemkheb D. Divorce was an uncommon practice for Egyptian rulers, and the divorce played a large part in shaping Pinudjem's public image.


When Pinedjem II died, his mummy, along with those of his wives and at least one daughter, Nesitanebetashru, were interred in tomb DB320 at Deir el-Bahri, above the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut.


When Pinudjem II died, his mummy may have been buried in DB320. There is no information about a tomb of Pinudjem or Neskhons. The artifacts found in the tomb, including the grave goods and sarcophagi, tell a story of love, divorce and the desires of Pinudjem II.


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