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Pham Thi Dang
Human Mummy
Pham Thi Dang.jpg
Biographical Information
Name(s) Pham Thi Dang
Age 60 years
Sex Female
Status high
Height Unknown
Culture Vietnamese
Date(s) 1428-1788
Site Van Cat Hamlet in the Northern province of Nam Ha
Current Location
Location Vietnam
Catalog #

Pham Thi Nguyen Chan, the wife of the Dang Dinh General of the Le-Trinh Dynasty which reigned from 1428-1788. The mummy was excavated in 1968 in the small hamlet of Nam Dinh. She was referred to formally as Nam ha. It is estimated that she was roughly 60 when she died.


The internal organs and the brain were not removed, the body was still in good condition when found. The body was fragrant and supple when found due to the pine oil used to preserve the body. It is said that when she was unearthed she looked much like an elderly lady who had fallen asleep.


The mummy was wrapped in several layers of silk velvet fabric.


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