Human Mummy
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Petosiris
Age late 60s
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture ancient Egypt
Date(s) Ptolemaic Period, 4th century BC
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location University of Chicago Oriental Institute
Catalog # OIM 269
Petosiris mummy is housed in the University of Chicago Oriental Institute. It is a ptolemaic period mummy from 4th century BC. It was purchased in Egypt in 1983 by James Henry Breasted on his honeymoon trip, and transported on camels to his boat.


Perosiris was in poor health and limited mobility at the time of his death in his late 60s, a very long life for an Egyptian. He has severe tooth loss from bone loss and jaw abscesses. He also has a lumbar fracture and spine decalcification.


The cranium of thee mummy os partially filled with resin. His ethmoid bones are intact, indicating the brain was dissolved with a substance rather than pulled out. He has a larger than usual incision from his ribcage to the bottom of his pelvis. His embalmed organs were placed back into his abdomen and thorax, as was customary at the time, rather than being placed in separate jars. Discs of hard material were placed into his eyes, and linen was packed into his cheeks and abdomen to restore a mire lifelike appearance. A resinous substance seems to have been injected into his penis up to the pelvic floor to help emphasize virility.


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