Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Peten-Amun (Ptn-’Imn)
Age 60
Sex Male
Status Priest
Height 150cm
Culture Egypt
Date(s) 300BCE
Site Akhmim, Upper Egypt
Current Location
Location Durban Natural Science Museum
Catalog #

The mummy is that of a minor priest named Peten-Amun (Ptn-’Imn), thought to have died aged about 60 years. The mummy was acquired by the Durban Museum between 1889 and 1910.


In November, 1984, the mummy was X-rayed, revealing that the top half of the mummy was almost complete though there were a few molar and pre-molar teeth missing. A minor fracture of one rib was evident though this had healed during the man’s lifetime. The density of the bone in the lower vertebral column suggested some arthritis.

The femur and tibia (left leg), patellae (left and right legs), and feet (left and right) were all bones replaced by false structures, possibly made of wood and linen stuffing, within the wrappings.

A reconstruction of the head of Peten-Amun, was completed in 1990.

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