Pet Baboon
Animal Mummy
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species hamadryas baboon
Sex f
Length Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Current Location
Location Egyptian National Museum of Antiquities in Cairo.
Catalog # 61089
Pet Baboon belonging to Maatkare, daughter of Pinedjem I and his wife Henuttauy.

It accompanied queen Maatkare Mutemhet in her coffin. It had been suggested that the mummy was that of a child. It was eventually shown however that the mummy belonged to her pet baboon when the mummy bundle was x-rayed.

Initially it was mistakenly believed that the name "Mutemhet," which appeared on Maatkare's coffin, designated a child. Later, it was discovered that the name "Mutemhet" was a name of Maatkare herself.

X-rays confirmed that the mummy was a female hamadryas baboon which were considered sacred manifestations of Thoth, god of wisdom and patron of scribes.

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