Perth Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Ta-kr-hb
Sex female
Status elite
Height Unknown
Culture ancient Egypt
Date(s) 760BC – 525BC
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland
Catalog # Unknown
Donated to the Perth collection by the Alloa Society of Natural Science and Archaeology; it is believed the mummy was discovered in the early 1930s in or around Thebes before its being shipped to Scotland.

The mummy is believed to be of elite status, possibly a princess or priestess, based on the vulture headdress on the lid of the coffin.


She was buried in her ornate sarcophagus in the town of Akhmim on the Eastern bank of the Nile


In 2013 a battery of tests including CT scans and X-rays were conducted, and interpretation of the coffin hieroglyphs had been difficult, as layers of ingrained dirt and wear made some of them illegible. The scans allowed a tentative identification of the mummy as Ta-kr-hb which is pronounced Takherheb, it is the first time a name can be applied to the mummy.


Dental examination revealed the loss of the back teeth on the upper jaw as a result of root infection.


This Egyptian mummy is housed at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland.

The mummy is considered too delicate for public display and efforts are underway to fund conservation.

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