Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Pediamenopet
Age 10-20
Sex Male
Status Royal Scribe ad Chief Lector Priest
Height  ?
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Ethiopian Period
Site Tomb TT33
Current Location
Location Theban Necropolis
Catalog # Unknown

Ushabti Pediamenopet Munich

Pediamenopet or  Petamenophis is an egyptian child mummy from the Roman Period of 119- 123 CE. Petamenophis was known to be a royal scribe and a chief lector priest. He was also known to serve multiple pharaohs during the completion of the 25th dynasty or beginning of the 26th dynasty. 


 Petamenophis was the original resident of the tomb TT33 which is found in Egypt's Theban Necropolis. This tomb was built through the wealth of  Petamenophis. He was found in the 19th century by Egyptologists. There is evidence to suggest that the tomb is no older than the Ethiopian Period.  Petamenophis was mummified using the more costly egyptian method as he was a major figure. This process includes:

1. Removing the brain through nostrils

2. Remove belly, clean interior with wine and spices

3. Insert myrrh, cassia, and other spices into belly and sew back together

4. Cover up in natron for seventy days

5. Wash corpse and roll it in fine linen

6. Put mummy in casing 


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