Paglicci 23
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Paglicci 23
Age unknown
Sex male
Status unknown
Height unknown
Culture unknown
Date(s) 26000 BCE
Site Paglicci Cave
Current Location
Location Apulla Italy
Catalog #

The remains of an ancient human were found in Paglicci Cave, preserved naturally in the cave environment. 


The remains were tested for modern human haplogroups (type of DNA). The one that matched was somewhat linked to modern Eastern Europeans. These remains provided insight into the nuclear genes of early modern Europeans.


Paglicci 23 individual carried a mtDNA sequence that is still common in Europe, and which radically differs from those of the almost contemporary Neanderthals, demonstrating a genealogical continuity across 28,000 years, from Cro-Magnoid to modern Europeans.

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