Biographical Information
Name(s) Padimut, Priest of the goddess Mut
Age 40
Sex Male
Status Priest
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) 22nd Dynasty (945-712 B.C.E)
Site Thebes
Current Location
Location Birmingham Museum and Harvard Semitic Museum
Catalog #
Padimut was the priest of the goddess Mut, his name meaning “the one who Mut gave”. He was also a metal engraver and served at the Temple of Amun-Re in Thebes. According to inscriptions found on Padimut's coffin, his parents were Nehemes-Bastet and Ankhefen-Mut. Much of Padimut's past life is unknown.


The brain of the mummy was removed by an embalming hook positioned up the nose to pull the brain out. There are false eyes situated above Padimut’s real eyeballs. This practice of false eyes was to ensure sight in the mummy’s afterlife. The teeth are dislodged, possibly from the previous unwrapping and moving of the body. Padimut’s organs were removed and mummified then placed back into the body. The mummy’s neck was found stuffed with packaging material, resulting from the ancient belief that the neck was one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. It is believed that before the removal of the neck bandages in the 19th century, they also most likely contained amulets to protect Padimut in the afterlife.


The Birmingham Museum had conducted a study on the mummification of Padimut's body and were able to determine the process that had transpired. The mummified body remains at the Birmingham Museum, and the cases he was buried in have moved to Harvard's Semitic Museum.


The numerous paintings on the mummy’s case depict the burial of Padimut, and his successful entry into the afterlife. It presents a dominant image of Padimut laid on a bier in a shrine, where the god of mummification, Anubis, is attending to him. Other images suggest Padimut has been judged worthy of eternal life, through scenes of his heart being weighed on a balance and Anubis guiding him with a scroll that presents a successful result.


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