Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Padikhonsiin
Sex m
Status high
Culture Ptolemaic Egyptian
Site EA29777
Current Location
Location The British Museum
Catalog #
Purchased for the museum in 1898. Wooden anthropoid inner-coffin painted decoration and hieroglyphic text on a layer of plaster; gilded face. The coffin contains the mummy of an adult man.


The head is detached, and the cervical vertebrae are missing, except one. The brain has probably been removed through the foreamen magnum, into which a wooden stick coated with resin has been inserted to refix the head in position. The stick has been broken in two; the distal fragment of the stick is shown in the radiograph in the region of the left side of the neck and extending into the upper part of the left hemithorax. Both margins of this fragment have a wavy outline owing to the coating of solidified resin. Most of the teeth are present. There is a large cylindrical object in the right hemithorax, probably a roll of resin-soaked linen, or a mass of solidified resin. What seems to be a winged pectoral has been displaced and lies in the region of the left iliac fossa. There is what resembles a bird-bone in the right upper zone of the thorax. Most of the ribs have been dislocated and fractured. The dorsal and lumbar spines are intact. Another stick-like object, with a straight margin, is adjacent to the right border of the lumbar spine. Almost certainly circumcised. Arms are flexed at the elbows, the forearms crossed on the breast, right over left, the hands on the shoulders. Lines of arrested growth appear on the lower ends of the tibiae.


Named in inscription were Renpetnefer (mother) and Irethoreru (father)

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