Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Padiamenet
Age Middle adult (35-50 years old)
Sex Male
Status Chief doorkeeper of the temple of Ra
Height 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 25th Dynasty, about 700 BC
Site Thebes, Egypt
Current Location
Location British Museum
Catalog # .6682

Padiamenet was a chief barber and chief doorkeeper at the temple of Ra at Thebes, as was his father Usermose. The mummy was acquired by the British Museum in 1839


3D scans done for the British Museum show that his head had somehow become dislodged from his body,

CT scan of the Padiamenet mummy.

and wooden poles had to be used to keep it in place. But the rituals of the time meant that it was vital to maintain the body's integrity above all. A man, aged 35-50


The 2nd left rib is dislocated but not fractured and lies opposite the anterior end of the 3rd and 4th left ribs.

He suffered terrible dental health, including multiple abscesses, he also seems to have had atherosclerosis and may have led to a stroke or a heart attack.

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