Pachacamac is an archaeological site located in the Valley of the Lurin River, 40 km southeast of Peru’s capital, Lima. This site was thought to have been first settled in A.D. 200, and inhabited continuously until the Spanish Conquest in the 1530s.


Pre-Incan people were conquered by Incas, whom incorporated the god of the pre-incas Pachu Kamaq in their pantheon. Pachamac was a place were dead were buried as well as a religious site

The MummiesEdit

In the 1890s, Archaeologists found female mummies with cotton garroette on them used to strangle them, they were afforded the highest ritual because of this sacrifice. In death they were wrapped in fine clothes and stone lined tombs.

In 2012, Belgian archaeologists uncovered a 1000 year old tomb in front of the Pachacama Temple. It contained 80 skeletons and mummies. 

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