Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Paankhenamun
Age "middle aged"
Sex male
Status deceased
Height 5'6"
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 945 BC–715 BC
Current Location
Location The Art Institute of Chicago
Catalog # 1910.238

The name Paankhenamun translates as “He lives for Amun.” Paankhenamun was the doorkeeper of the temple of Amun, an Egyptian god, a position that was carried down from generation to generation, the last of which was his father before him. He was believed to be living in the city of Thebes, along the Nile River in Central Egypt. X-rays conclude that he was approximately 5’6” tall and had died in middle age.


Paankhenamun was buried in a cartonnage case, a popular form of coffin in his era. After mummification, the wrapped body was inserted into the case through the back. The back was then laced up, a footboard was added, and the case was painted.

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