Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) PUM II
Age 35-40
Sex male
Culture Egyptian
Current Location
Location Pennsylvania University Museum
Catalog # 21-46-8a

Approximately 35-40 year male mummy of Egyptian descent, brought to America by John T. Morris, who donated it to the Philadelphia Art Museum and is currently on display in Pennsylvania University Museum.

Named PUM II because he was the second mummy to be acquired by the Pennsylvania University Museum.


Pum II was extremely well preserved. Brain was removed, resin was put in place to replace it and brain skull appeared fractured. There were approximately 12 linen layers of wrapping of fine weave. Toes, fingers, and limbs were individually wrapped. The eyes, bones, and were intact and in a good state.

Evidence also showed that hot resin was deliberately poured over his body during the embalming process.


CT scanning and radiocarbon technique was used against the linen wrappings to determine the dating of PUM II. Evidence showed that the mummy was from 170 BC.


Evidence of atherosclerosis shown through CT scanning along with accumulation of foreign material in the lungs. Scans also show deformities in the feet and signs of arthritis.

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