Osan Woman
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Sex Female
Status The wife of a high government official
Culture Korean
Date(s) 16th century (Joseon Dynasty)
Site Unearthed from an industrial complex site in Osan, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea.
Current Location
Location Seoul, South Korea
Catalog #
Researchers at the Seogyeong Cultural Properties Research Institute in Seoul believe the mummy of a Korean woman was the wife of a high-level government official during the Joseon Dynasty and died during the 16th century.


Unlike the Egyptian process, Korean corpses were not deliberately mummified. It was a naturally occurring phenomenon of the way they were buried. During the dynasty, the upper classes were buried in a way that prevented the body's decay. They placed their dead in hoegyeok, a type of tomb, and bodies were buried in double-sided coffins and covered with a layer of a limestone mixture which isolated the remains from water and air.


Among her grave goods were her finest clothes, an intricate satchel (or handbag), and several ornaments.

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