Name: Norbert Mattersberger

Location Found: Gradetzkees Glacier of Austria

Sex: Male

Dates: Born in 1796, disappeared in 1839 and was found in 1929

`Biography- When Norbert was found, he was found with weapons such as a knife and a rusty riffle. Both of these were carved in such a way that anthropologists that examined them believed he may have been a poacher, which is essentially an illegal hunter. Norbert was said to of gone out in 1839 to hunt, but he indeed, never returned. There are also many theories on how Norbert could have actually been murdered by another hunter and thrown into the crevasse, which could be why only parts of him were there to be preserved. This idea came about when a newspaper covered a story on a hunter admitting to killing another hunter and throwing him into a crevasse 30 years prior.


Mummifiction- Norbert was found in 1929 at the snout of the glacier, 30 feet below in a crevasse, on the Gradetzkees Glacier of Austria. His abdomen was well preserved, however, his head and lower part of his right leg were missing.

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