New Fayoum Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) New Fayoum Mummy
Age 330 BC- AD 670 (GRECO-ROMAN ERA)
Sex Unknown
Status Unknown
Height Unkown
Culture Unknown
Date(s) Unknown
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location near New Fayoum city
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The New Fayoum Mummy was found in November 2017 by Archaeologists from the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The mummy's location was near New Fayoum, Egypt just 80 kilometers south of Cairo. The mummy is from Greco-Roman period, in a wooden coffin, dating to 330 BC - AD 670.

The mask of the mummy depicts an image of the sky deity Khebir. The chest depicts the goddess Isis, associated with marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic and medicine and beneath the feet is the drawing of a white clog.

The sarcophagus is in poor condition, with cracks all over its lid and base. The mummy, however, is well-preserved.


The head was covered with a mask of compressed papyrus (cartonnage) covered with gilding and blue paint

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