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Egyptian Priest, Nesshou
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Biographical Information
Name(s) Nesshou, Nes-Shou, Nes-Shu
Age 50 (when died)
Sex Male
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 331-30 B.C.
Current Location
Location Museé d'Yverdon les Bains. Lausanne, Switzerland
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Nesshou was an Ptolemaic priest. He died around the age of 50.


The Nesshou Mummy had been wrapped with papers from the "Book of the Dead" (papyrus), with 14 amulets underneath bandages. 4 Amulets were removed after an examination and 10 still remain. He was donated to the museum in 1896 by Edmund Simond-Bey.


The well preserved coffin and mummy of the Egyptian priest Nes-Shu in the museum of Yverdon, Switzerland, dates from the third century BC and is the most complete burial equipment from ancient Egypt in a Swiss museum and were acquired in July 1896 by donation.

The anthropoid coffin is made of wood which was stuccoed and painted in bright colours.

The body of Nes-Shou is covered from the chest to the feet with a funerary papyrus that was wrapped in the bandages. The papyrus originally consisted of thirteen layers covered with texts written in hieratic script and vignettes from the Book of the Dead. Fourteen small amulets had been placed inside the linen.


Evidence of osteoarthritis was found in Nesshou's right shoulder. Arteriosclerosis was also found in both legs. It hasn’t been possible to determine the cause of death.


The intact coffin, its mummy, the mummy mask and the Cartonnage elements that were covering the body as well as a funerary papyrus and amulets for magical protection.


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