Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Unknown
Sex m
Status high
Culture Eguptian
Site unknown
Current Location
Location Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge UK
Catalog # E.1.1822
The mummy coffin is attributed to Thebes and on stylistic grounds dates to the Third Intermediate Period 21st Dynasty.
The texts describe the types of offerings Nespawershefyt will receive in the afterlife, his titles, spells to assist the deceased in his successful passage to the netherworld and invocations to the gods.

Nespawershefyt (‘The one who belongs to the Great One of the Ram’s Head’), also known as Nesamun, was a high-ranking official who worked at the Temple of Karnak in ancient Thebes. His principal roles at the time of his death were ‘supervisor of craftsmen’s workshops (in Karnak)’ and ‘supervisor of scribes in the house of Amun’. It was interesting, however, these titles were added at some point after the coffin set was completed, perhaps as the result of a promotion. In several places on the coffin, the text has been re-varnished to conceal the earlier title - ‘Great One of the Water of the House of Amun’ - this particular title is not attested from any other ancient source.


Only the complete coffin set survives, the whereabouts of the mummy or the original tomb in which it was housed are unknown.


Nespawershefyt's coffins consists of:  outer coffin box, outer coffin lid, inner coffin box, inner coffin lid, mummy board

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