Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nesmin

The Belgrade Mummy

Age Approximately 40-50 years old
Sex Male
Status Priest
Height 165 cm
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Date(s) 300 BC
Site Akhmim, Egypt
Current Location
Location University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Serbia
Catalog #

Nesmin (also known as The Belgrade Mummy), is a mummy from the Ptolemaic Period. The mummy was a gift to the University of Belgrade from Pavle Ridicki, a Serbian nobleman. The sarcophagus that contained Nesmin revealed the 191st chapter of the Book of the Dead-Return of the Soul into the Body. Along beside the mummy itself contains a papyrus roll containing the entire Book of the Dead. Nesmin was discovered with a blue wig and amulets of the Goddess Maat, The Triad of Osiris, Isis, and Neftis. All which represent protection in the afterlife.

Nesmin comes from a family of priests to the God, Min. Another mummy which is also named Nesmin is on display in New York who is said to be related to the Nesmin in Belgrade.


Nesmin was mummified using the technique dated from the 2nd millennium BC. All of his organs were removed from his body and were dried with natron; a natural salt. All organs except his heart, which represents the centre of intelligence and belief that he will need it in the afterlife. The body would then dry out for about 40 days, after, the body is brushed with oils to preserve the elasticity of the skin. The dried organs are wrapped and then placed back into the body which is the wrapped up in linen and placed in the sarcophagus. Nesmin unfortunately was not properly taken care of through the decades resulting in his head, torso and legs separating from the body.


The mummy had not been studied before coming to Serbian in the 1800's. Discovered was the papyrus and lost chapter in the Book of the Dead. DNA of the mummy was taken in 1993 which determined the sex, approximate age of death, and any common ancestors. In 2011, a 3D scan was taken of the mummy which digitally reconstructed the face giving an idea of what Nesmin looked like when he was alive.



All males in the family of Nesmin were priest to the same god and given the same duty of dressing the cult statue. On his sarcophagus are the names of his father and grandfather, Wennefer, and his brother, Djedhor.


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