Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nesitanebetashru
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status 21st dynasty - Daughter of Pinedjem II

22nd dynasty - Wife of Pharaoh Sheshonk II

Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) 21st and 22nd dynasty
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Ancient Egypt
Catalog # Unknown

Nesitanebetashru  was the name of two ancient Egyptian women. There is not much about this mummy but according to Linguistic Anthropologists the name means “belonging to the lady of the ashru”; the ashru or isheru was a Sickle -shaped sacred lake around the temples of solar goddesses, but here it refers to Mut.

  • Nesitanebetashru of the 21st dynasty also known as "Nesitanebetashru -Smith" was a female offspring of Pinedjem II, High Priest of Amun, and Neskhons. She is acknowledged in the funerary text of her mother, written on a wooden tablet..
  • Nesitanebetashru of the 22nd dynasty was the spouse of Pharaoh Sheshonk II and the mother of Pharaoh Harsiese A. She was also a Chantress of Amun.
Mummy Nesitanebetashru Smith 1

Nesitanebetashru A


1.) 21st Dynasty Nesitanebetashru : Her mummy, sarcophagus and ushabtis were discovered in the tomb TT320 and are now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

2.) 22nd Dynasty Nesitanebetashru : She is remarked on a statue of Bes.

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