Queen Nesi-Khonsu
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nesi-Khonsu
Age c 30
Sex female
Status high
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 981 BC
Current Location
Catalog #
Egyptian Priestess, Nesi-Khonsu was the principal wife of the High Priest of Amun Pinedjem II. She was born to Pinedjem II’s predecessor Smendes II and his wife Ta-hen-Djehouty.

Her main title was Viceroy of Kush (one of the last to bear this title), which usually was a title given to men. She had four children with Pinedjem II, two sons Tjanefer and Masaharta, and two daughters, Itawy and Nesitanebisheru. She died 5 years before Pinedjem II in year 5 of the reign of Siamun, about 981 BC. She died young at about 30, possibly during child birth.


Her mummy is one of the best examples of Twenty-First Dynasty embalming; the entire body was very finely packed and molded, the eyes are inlaid with stone and the arms are fully extended with the palms turned into the thighs. Flowers were wrapped round the big toe of each foot as well as round the left foot and the ankles.


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