Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nes-Min
Sex m
Status priest
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) ca. 250 B.C.
Site Akhmim
Current Location
Location Rhode Island School of Design
Catalog #
Nes-Min, an Egyptian priest of Min and Khonsu, was acquired in Egypt by Walter Herbert Ingram for £50 from the English Consul at Luxor. Ingram had him shipped home from Cairo, and then gifted Nes-Min to Lady Valerie Meux in 1886. The trustees of the British Museum declined the bequest of Lady Meux's Egyptian collection on her death. It was then sold at public auction, where William Randolph Hearst acquired the Mummy and coffin of Nes-Min. In 1938 the RISD Museum purchased the mummy and coffin from Brummer Galleries in New York.


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