Nepherites I
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nepherites
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Status Dead
Height Unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) Reign: 399-393BC
Site Burial: Mendes
Current Location
Location Egypt: Memphis
Catalog # Unknown

Also known as Nefaarud I or Nayfraurud I, he was an  Egyptian Pharaoh who founded the 29th Dynasty.

It is speculated that Nepherites was a general from the deltaic city of Mendes who, in  399 BC, rose up against the then pharoah, Amyrtaeus, and killed him in open battle.

Nepherites used his names to demonstrate that he wanted his rule to resemble the earlier 'golden age' of Egyptian History


Nepherites was mummified after his death in 393 BC. He was placed in a large limestone sarcophagus with shabtis bearing his name. The tomb was believed to have been destroyed by the Persians long ago.

Fish specimens were also found in ceramic vessels on the funeral site. This often indicate that the site was once used by a temple of the fish-goddess Hatmehyt.


A tomb believed to be that of Nepherites was discovered by a joint team from the University of Toronto and the University of Washington in 1992-93. Possible ownership of the tomb was identified by the presence of a ushabti bearing the name of Nepherites I; however, definitive proof has not been found as yet. Ceramic vessels containing fish specimens and fish-covered stelae have been found on the site of Nepherites's funerary complex. The presence of the fish, often interpreted as votive offerings, could be an indication that the site was previously occupied by a temple of the fish-goddess Hatmehyt.


  • Muthis – A conjectural pharaoh, once believed to be Nepherites I's son.

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