Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nefrina
Age 25
Sex Female
Height n.a.
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 250-275 B.C.
Current Location
Location Reading Public Museum. Reading, Pennsylvania.
Catalog #
Nefrina ("May our comings be good"[1]) lived in the town of Akhmim, Egypt. She died 275 BC, possibly due to complications from a broken hip. Her parents served in the temple of the Egyptian fertility God Min, where her father was keeper of the God's wardrobe and her mother was a temple musician. She had one sibling; a brother named Nesmin, according to a funerary stela, an inscribed prayer stone that often was buried with mummies. The stela listed the same parents for Nesmin and Nefrina.


She was mummified in the fashion typical of the upper class, and buried in a tomb. Her mummification process was elaborate, typical of the upper class. However, Nefrina was not of the royal line, shown by the way her arms are placed; right over left. Nefrina is currently on exhibit in the Reading Public Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States. The Museum received Nefrina in 1930 on loan from the University of Pennsylvania,then was purchased by the museum in 1949. Her mask has recently been reconstructed.


Using CAT scans made in 2003,
her face has been reconstructed in a sculpture by forensic artist Frank Bender.


Apparently died from complications of a broken hip.

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