Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Neferefre
Age 20-23
Sex Male
Status Egyptian
Height unknown
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Site Pyramid of Neferefer
Current Location
Location Egypt
Catalog #

Egyptian pharaoh who was said to be the fifth ruler of the fifth Dynasty during the Old Kingdom period (2431-2420 BC). He was said to had only ruled for a short time, about two years. He is the son of Neferirkare Kalai and Queen Khentkare Kakai. His body lies in Pyramid of Neferefre along with his wife Khentakawess III, whose mummy was found beside his.

His early death resulted in the unfinished condition of the pyramid of Neferefre. Instead of becoming a pyramid, his tomb became simply a mastaba.


Standard Egyptian mummification. Remove all the internal organs and place them out to dry. Then the heart is placed back inside the body. Later the body is rinsed with spices. After they cover the body in salt for 70 days. After 40 days they place fabric inside the body to make it appear to be life like. Finally after the full 70 days they then wrap the entire body in bandages from head to toe. All pharaohs are then placed in a special coffin.


The body we believe to be Neferefre, parts of which were found in his pyramid at Abusir, has been analyzed and a determination made that the young man died between the age of 20-23.

Various references provide differences in the dates of his reign, with it beginning as early as 2419 or as late as 2460, with perhaps a two or no more than three year duration. However, the Chronicle of the Pharaohs by Peter A. Clayton gives his reign seven years.


All of his remains have yet to be discovered a pathology has yet to be conducted to find and diseases or reasons for his death.


The meaning of his name Neferefre means "Re is beautiful". The Pharaoh was building his own temple named Hetep-Re. He past away so suddenly that he was never given the chance to finish building it. This pyramid is currently referred to as the unfinished pyramid.

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