Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Nebetia
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Status Princess of 18th Dynasty
Height Unknown
Culture Ancient Egypt
Date(s) 18th Dynasty
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Ancient Egypt
Catalog # Unknown

Nebetia was among royality during the 18th dynasty in anicent Egypt. She was the granddaughter of Pharaoh Thutmose IV and the daughter of Prince Siatum. [1] Nebetia is an example of a Pharaoh's granddaughter bearing the title of King's Daughter. According to the ancient Egyptian this is the equivalent of "princess." [1]


Nebetias mummy label that had stated her title and name was lost. The label was the found in the Sheikh Abd el-Qurna cache. [1] Nebetia's mummified body had then been reburied during the 21st dynasty, however, the tomb had been robbed before its discovery in 1857. 

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Aidan Dodson & Jac J. Janssen: A Theban Tomb and Its Tenants. In: The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, vol.75. (1989) [1]

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