Naperville Mummy
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Naperville Mummy
Sex f
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 51 to 30 B.C.
Current Location
Location Naperville Central High School, Illinois
Catalog #
The mummy was donated to the Naperville Central High School in the 1940s by Dr. W. Martin, who apparently bought it in Egypt as a souvenir in the 1920s. It languished in an attic storeroom until 1975 when it was rediscovered by a teacher at Central. who was looking for something when he noticed an odd smell and uncovered something wrapped in drapery.

The mummy was then restored at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute and is now in the custody of the high school humanities teachers.


Scans done in 1994 led to a conclusion that the mummy was a male and died about age 8, the mummy was nicknamed Butch by the students and staff. In 2002 the mummy was partially unwrapped by experts for the extraction of a sample for DNA testing, it was re-wrapped and restored to its former appearance. Radiocarbon and DNA testing determined the earlier conclusion was erroneous, the mummy was an Egyptian female from the Ptolemaic period.


Believed to be the only mummy held by a public high school.

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