Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) Namenkhetamun - the male mummy
Age lived within 26 dynasty, 664-525 B.C
Sex male
Status elite
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) 664-525 BC
Current Location
Catalog #

Despite Namenkhetamun meaning “the daughter of Amunkhau”, when this mummy was transported to Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust in Stafford, to undergo a CT scan, it revealed the mummy is that of a human male. The reason why the coffin may not match the mummy is unknown, though this is acknowledged to have been a common occurrence when mummies were sold prior to antiquities rugulation.

The mummy in Namenkhetamun's coffin lived within the 26th Dynasty, so is dated to around 664-525BC. However, it has been established that the mummy and the coffin do not match.

The age of this mummy at the time of his death can be estimated from the CT scans and it has been found that there were signs of early arthritis in the lower spine. Age can also be gauged from the teeth, which did not have much wear but showed significant dental decay and abscesses, which can be caused by the sand from the deserts. This leads to the conclusion he was middle-aged when he died. 


No precious items or amulets have been found within the bandages. Regarding the mummification process, however, there are several interesting points, such as the skeleton having an elongated skull, usually seen due to the process of having the brain removed; curiously, there is no evidence to suggest the brain in this particular mummy has been extracted. There has also been less than thorough removal of the organs contained within the chest and abdomen, though those that had been extracted had been returned to the trunk cavity, as was the usual process seen in mummification. We can conclude from this, that it was a sort of “cheap” mummification, as it was usually a process undergone by those who could afford it. The final strange discovery in this mummy has a hole in his back about the size of a fist, for which no explanation can be found.


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