Biographical Information
Name(s) Nakht
Age Teenager (approx. 15)
Sex Male
Status Peasant
Height 4'8"
Culture Theban
Date(s) 1189 - 1077 BC (20th Dynasty)
Current Location
Location Thebes, Egypt
Catalog #
Nakht was a teenage Theban male from the 20th Dynasty in Egypt. He was a peasant from Thebes, and died around the age of 15 from pneumonia. He was a weaver.


Shortly after his death, Nakht was wrapped in bandages and entombed in a coffin with several pieces of clothing and other textiles, probably clothes he had worn or made. His internal organs were still in place, so he had not been embalmed.


Nakht's coffin was found in Egypt in the early 20th century, and brought over to America.


Nakht suffered from black lung disease, and probably died from pneumonia. He had a tapeworm infestation at time of death, as well as several other parasites. Most of his internal organs were still intact and well preserved, especially his brain, although his lungs were severely damaged. Nakht's mummy weighed in at 11.3 pounds.


Nakht and his coffin currently rest in the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada.


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