Human Mummy
Mutnedjmet 2
Biographical Information
Name(s) Mutnedjmet
Age mid-40s
Sex female
Status queen
Height unknown
Culture ancient Egypt
Date(s) 18th dynasty 1319-1292 BC
Site Saqqara
Current Location
Location British Museum - canopic jar
Catalog # none

Holding various titles, Mutnedjmet was an ancient Egyptian queen of the last rule of the 18th dynasty Horemheb. Her name translates to "The Sweet Mut." Although there is no concrete evidence, some Egyptologists believe that Mutnedjemet was indentical to Mutbenret, the sister of Nefertiti (royal wife of Akhenaten).[1]


Dieing soon after year 13 of Horemheb's rule, it is believed she was in her mid-40s due to the wine-jar docket found in her burial chamber. Her mummy was found alongside a premature infant which suggests that she died in child birth. The British Museum now holds the canopic jar of the Queen.[2]


Hereditary Princess, Great King's Wife, Great of Praises, Lady of Grace, Sweet of Love, Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, Songstress of Hathor, Songstress of Amun [3]


There were no known signs of disease found in the remains of Mutnedjmet.


There are various monuments and inscriptions displaying Mutnedjmet with Horemheb. 


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