Collection:                       Egyptian, Classical, Ancient Near Eastern Art

Title:                                 Mummy of the Royal Prince, Count of Thebes, Pa-seba-khai-en-ipet

Classification:                 Human Remains

Date Label:                      1111-937 B.C.E., or 1188-909 B.C.E

Period:                             Third Intermediate Period

Dynasty:                           XXI Dynasty

place collected:              Deir el Bahri (vicinity), Thebes, Egypt, Africa

Medium:                           Human remains, linen

Description:                     Mummy of the Royal Prince, Count of Thebes, P3-sb3-h'-n-ipt

Dimensions:                    Approximate measurements for mummy: Height through nose 7 1/2 x Width at hips 13 x Overall length 62 in. (19.1 x 33 x 157.5 cm)

Exhibition History:          On display in the Mummy Chamber from May, 2010

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Credit Line:                      Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund

Current Location:              08.480.2d - Brooklyn Museum