Mummified Cat and Mouse
Animal Mummy
Mummified cat
Biographical Information
Clas Unknown
Species feline
Culture Unknown
Site UK
Current Location
Catalog # Unknown
This pair is over 300 years old. The 300 year old cat was perfectly preserved in place within the walls, still having its teeth and claws. It is said to old Welsh beliefs that this practice was extremely prevalent 300 years ago, by putting a live cats in the walls to ward off evil spirits, witches, to be a good luck charm in a sense, being placed to ward off anything that can be seen as a threat to the house.
Tom and jerry

This practice has been verified, by the recent findings of numerous mummified cats being found within the walls of older European walls. A cat was found within the walls of a 17th century Cottage in Pendle Hill.

Unlike the only Ancient Egyptian practices where the Mummification process was done with sacred animals, usually acquaintances of the dead to continue on with them in the afterlife, but the only difference is that the animals were mummified at death.

According to documentation the rat might of been accidentally placed within the walls.

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