Mummies of the Krakow Crypt
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Because of a peculiar microclimate in the crypt, bodies that were entombed within the Reformed-Franciscan Monastery and adjoining Church of St. Casimir in Krakow, Poland have been naturally mummified. They include about 250 friars and 730 laymen.


The friars' bodies were laid to rest on the bare floor, without coffin, their legs covered with sand and a block of wood under their heads.

Other mummies include a Napoleonic soldier and a young woman who died just after her wedding and was buried in her wedding dress. In use since 1667, almost 1,000 bodies were placed in the catacombs over the years. The crypts, now hold only about a hundred bodies.


A few years ago the crypts were closed to tourists to stop deterioration of the mummies and to preserve the microclimate which helped to preserve the bodies. They are made available for public viewing just once or twice a year, traditionally on All Souls' Day (November 2nd).

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