Mummies of Venzone
Human Mummy
Venzone Dom Friedhofskapelle Mumie 01
Biographical Information
Name(s) Mummies of Venzone
Age varied
Sex both
Status varied
Height varied
Culture Italian
Date(s) 1348 to 1881
Site Venzone, Italy
Current Location
Location Cemetery Chapel of Saint Michael, Piazzetta Duomo
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The mummies of Venzone are a number of mummies found in Venzone, Italy, in the 1600s. Several of the bodies were discovered buried beneath the town’s cathedral starting in the 1600s. The bodies hadn’t decomposed normally. Instead they were preserved from decay, their basic features mostly in tact decades after death. In 1845, the mummies of Venzone have been moved from the Cathedral Crypt to the Upper Chapel and, after the earthquake in 1976, only 15 bodies remained.


They were mummified by natural processes.


The first mummy extracted in 1647 is known as the “Gobbo” (hunchback), so called because of the curved nature of the body. This particular mummification is due to a fungus that grows in the tombs of the Cathedral of Venzone. A sort of parasitic mold called “Hipha Bombicina Pers,” which quickly dehydrates the body and causes the skin to resemble the consistency of parchment paper. There is still some dissent that the Hypha parasite is the true cause. Some scientists assert the limestone present in the surrounding earth may be the cause.

They were extremely light, and the skin was is of a yellowish-brown tint, it looked like tanned leather. The weight of the mummies varied from 22 to 44 pounds for the tallest individuals.


The Mummies of Venzone, five bodies are now visible and are kept in the Crypt of the Cemetery Chapel of Saint Michael located in S. Andrea Apostolo Cathedral churchyard.


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The Mummies of Venzone

Strange Mummies Of Venzone: Ancient Bodies That Never Decompose Remain An Unsolved Mystery

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