Mummies of Minya Necropolis
Human Mummy
Biographical Information
Name(s) unknown
Age varied
Sex varied
Status believed to be priests or officials
Height unknown
Culture Egyptian
Date(s) approximately 1500 years ago
Site Tuna al-Gabal
Current Location
Location Minya, Egypt
Catalog #

Several mummies older than 1,500 years old, belonging to the Greco-Roman period. This period began Approximately 330 BC after Egypt was conquered by Alexander the Great.

17 mummies found in Tounah al Gabal in May of 2017 are believed to all be priests and officials due to the elaborate preservation.


There were six sarcophagi, two clay coffins discovered, as well as two papyri written in demotic script. There were also multiple vessels discovered as well. The sophisticated manner in which the mummies were persevered indicates that they were priests or officials. The necropolis was approximately 25 feet (8 meters) under the surface of the ground.


The Necropolis was first discovered by university students of Cairo using radar in 2016.


This was the first human Necropolis discovered in Tounah al-Gabal, however there have been thousands of mummified animals discovered.


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