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Biographical Information
Name(s) MUMAB, Mummy of University of Maryland At Baltimore, The Maryland Mummy
Age Late 70's
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Culture American
Date(s) Summer of 1994
Site University of Maryland
Current Location
Location San Diego Museum of Man
Catalog # Unknown

MUMAB - stands for the Mummy of University of Maryland At Baltimore - is a twenty-one year old mummy and is the first modern ancient mummy. MUMAB was once an unnamed Baltimore man who lived into his late seventies that had previously agreed, ten years before his death, to donate his body to the Maryland State Body Donor Program. After his death, his body was sent to Dr. Bob Brier, Senior Research Fellow at the C.W. Post Campus at the Long Island University, and Dr. Ronn Wade, Director of the Maryland State Anatomy Board and Director of Anatomical Services Division at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, who mummified the body to further their learning on ancient Egyptian mummification. Today, MUMAB still shows no sign of decay, and is stored at the San Diego Museum of Man.


The mummification of MUMAB was performed using the same routine that the ancient Egyptians used.


MUMAB's brain was first removed, along with his other internal organs. Next, his body was stuffed and surrounded with Natron to dehydrate the body before it began to decompose. After a thirty-five day dehydrating period, MUMAB was positioned and wrapped. Dr. Brier and Dr. Wade performer the mummification under controlled conditions, keeping the process as true to what was done by the Egyptians more than 2,000 years ago. Embalming tools that were once used were replicated, the ingredients needed were collected from the same areas that the ancient Egyptians would have gotten them, and the temperatures were set to match the weather during ancient Egyptians times.


The exact cause of MUMAB's death was not released to the public, however it is known that he had a heart condition and had previously suffered two heart attacks. Since the body of MUMAB was chosen as a part of this experiment, it is known that he did not have any major surgeries throughout his life as this would have not happened to the bodies of ancient Egyptians. He also would not have had any major diseases because that could potentially cause un-expected side effects during the mummification process.

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