“Adidas Boots” Woman
Biographical Information
Name(s) “Adidas Boots” Woman
Age 30-40
Sex female
Status hoi polloi
Height Unknown
Culture Mongolian
Date(s) around AD 970
Site Unknown
Current Location
Location Centre of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia
Catalog # Unknown
In April 2016, an ancient female mummy was discovered in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, archaeologists from the museum in Khovd were alerted to the burial site by local herdsmen. It is believed she was a Turkic seamstress who died up to 1100 years ago. She is well known by her stylish felt boots, with red and black stripes, very similar to modern ”Adidas boots”.


This mummy was found at an altitude of 2800 meters. The high altitude and cold climate in Altai mountains are the main reasons why the body is still well preserved without man made mummification process. They felt that the body was covered also helps the preservation.

Possessions were found in the grave, included a saddle, bridle, clay vase, wooden bowl, trough, iron kettle, the remains of a horse, and ancient clothing.There were also pillows, a sheep’s head and felt travel bag in which were placed the whole back of a sheep, goat bones and small leather bag designed to carry a cup.Various sewing items were found with her leading to speculation she may have been a seamstress. Inside her bag was the sewing kit and there was embroidery on both the bag and the shoes.


It is believed that this women died because of a substatiall blow to her head by judging the severe trauma presented on her skull. The Centre of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia will carry out DNA tests and radiocarbon tests to find out more about her in the near future.


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