Minnesota Mummy
Human Mummy
Photo by Valerie Gallagher
Biographical Information
Age 30-35
Sex m
Status high
Culture Greco-Egyptian
Date(s) 1st century BCE to 1st century CE
Site unknown
Current Location
Location Science Museum of Minnesota
Catalog #
This mummy was acquired by the Science Museum of Minnesota in 1925, purchased by Museum trustee Simon Crosby while on a Mediterranean tour and a stop in Cairo. It arrived without an archaeological provenance.


The left half of the mummy’s head and torso were unwrapped in the 1930s The first x-rays of the human and hawk mummies were performed in the 1960s. Axial CT scans, an endoscopic examination, and tissue analysis were conducted in 1983. Digital CT scans and x-rays were conducted in 2010, showing a shaved head which led to speculation he had been a priest. Radiocarbon study was performed on one rib bone sample and four linen samples in 2016.


Estimated that he was about 30 to 35 years old when he died,had good teeth and slight curvature of the spine.

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