Michael Orlovits
Biographical Information
Name(s) Michael Orlovits
Age 41
Sex male
Status miller
Culture Hungarian
Date(s) circa 1816
Current Location
Catalog #

The mummy of Michael Orlovits was found in a forgotten crypt with the other so called Vac Mummies. He was born in Vac, Hungary, in 1765. He was one of a three-member mummy family, including an infant son, on loan to the California Science Center in Los Angeles from the Hungarian Natural History Museum in Budapest.


The mummification process was due to a favorable micro-climate inside the crypt, including low temperatures and relatively constant humidity and air pressure.  Wood chips placed under the bodies in the coffins absorbed fluids, so instead of decomposing, the bodies gradually dried out - preserving them.


CT scan shows part of his sternum and midsection are missing, one possibility is that it’s the result of a post-mortem autopsy. The scan also showed a dislocated shoulder and a wooden peg holding the mummy’s head to its body. These could have happened long after Orlovits died, perhaps when the body was being moved.


The CT scan showed a broken and rehealed left leg. The leg healed poorly and left Orlovits with his left leg two centimeters shorter than the right.


The mummy was part of the Mummies Of The World exhibition, a collection of mummies and related artifacts from South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Egypt. The exhibition makes a three-year, seven-city tour around the U.S. from July 2019

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